Ivy League Spring 2023 Online Job Fair


Event Organizer

Hosted by:
Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association (HCSSA)

Co-organized by:
Nine top North American Collegiate Schools Association (CSSA) co-sponsors, including MIT, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth College, and Johns Hopkins University. (More schools will be added later)

Event Time

February 12, 2023, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Beijing Time; February 11, 2023, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM EST

Event Format

The job fair will be held online. Candidates can easily and quickly communicate with the company’s recruiter, have small group or 1V1 video chat and text exchanges with the recruiter, and attend the company’s presentation through a web-based professional platform.

Event Platform

The web-based information integration and real-time interaction platform will use ZOOM for recruitment presentations and Gather (https:// gather.town/) for real-time video/speech/text communication between recruiters and job seekers.

Event Population and Scale

Students: Fresh Chinese students from ten schools, including undergraduates, masters, Ph.D. and visiting scholars from projects of one year or more, with an expected participation of 700+ (678 participants for the spring 2021 recruitment)

Enterprises: 40+ recruiting companies, covering various industries such as Internet, medicine, metals, real estate, education, design, etc.

Event Description

This job fair is co-hosted by Harvard Fellows and co-organized by MIT, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, and Johns Hopkins, and is the largest joint online recruitment event for top universities in North America.

The job fair aims to provide many job opportunities for students at top schools in North America and to build a bridge between outstanding overseas students and companies.

The event will provide a real-time interactive platform for job seekers and companies to communicate with each other online, allowing companies to publicize their latest job openings and upcoming events, and to further understand the needs of job seekers and harvest quality talent.

The event is divided into two parts: (1) some companies (with a limited number of spots) can choose to make presentations for about 20 minutes, which job seekers can watch live through ZOOM; (2) we provide a virtual booth for each company, and job seekers can choose their own booth online and open a video or voice to communicate with company representatives during the event.

Corporate Partnership

The organizer, Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association (HCSSA), hereby invites all domestic and foreign companies to participate in this event:

  1. On the day of the event, participating companies must send two or more people in charge of school recruitment to participate in the event and communicate with the applicants online in real time.
  2. Participating companies are required to provide HCSSA with a brief introduction of their company, information on job openings, and personal information of their representatives for the purpose of promoting the event.
  3. Companies must send at least one representative to participate in the preview of the online job fair, if necessary.

Enterprise registration form : https://forms.gle/n6UBX9FBFaPtMSXT9