HCSSA-GSAS Chapter Constitution and By-Law

Article One: Name and Relation with HCSSA

The name of this organization shall be the Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association ­ Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Chapter (Harvard CSSA­-GSAS Chapter, HCSSA-­GSAS Chapter, HCSSA­-GSASC). This Chapter shall be a subsidiary to the HCSSA.

Article Two: Purpose

HCSSA­-GSAS chapter is dedicated to strengthening the connections between Chinese students and scholars and the motherland, advocating for the rights and interests of Chinese students and scholars, and promoting social, intellectual and cultural interactions between Chinese students and scholars and other organizations at GSAS. Looking toward the future, HCSSA­-GSAS chapter will be focusing on enriching Chinese students’ experience at GSAS and dedicated to serving as a platform for value sharing, a bridge for achieving dreams, and a window for China­U.S. cultural exchange.

Article Three: Membership

Membership of the HCSSA­-GSASC is automatically approved for any interested students and scholars in various GSAS departments.

Membership of the HCSSA­-GSASC shall also be open to all students and scholars currently enrolled at Harvard.

The majority of the members of HCSSA­-GSASC shall be full­-time GSAS students.

Membership shall continue until a student or scholar leaves the Harvard community.

Any member may also formally withdraw by so informing in writing one of the HCSSA­-GSASC officers.

Article Four: Office Structure

The officers of the HCSSA­-GSASC shall consist of the President, the Vice­president, and the Treasurer.

The Treasurer of HCSSA-­GSASC must be the same person as the Treasurer of HCSSA.

New officers can be elected to HCSSA­-GSASC committees by regular election (see Article Six), or in case of vacancy, by majority voting at HCSSA-­GSASC general meeting following recommendation by at least three HCSSA-­GSASC officers.

Article Five: Duties of HCSSA-­GSASC Officers

The President shall be the chief executive officer of HCSSA­-GSASC and shall exercise general supervision and provide overall control over its programs as well as prepare meeting agenda and chair its regular business meetings.

The Vice­president shall assist with the President in coordinating activities of HCSSA officers. Should the President leave office prior to completion of term, the Vice­president shall assume office temporarily and schedule an election to appoint new President.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the financial records of HCSSA-­GSAS chapter and coordinating with the Dudley House in termly renewal process.

Article Six: Elections

Officers shall be elected annually, before the end of the spring semester, by eligible HCSSA officers.

Article Seven: Meetings

Regular meetings of the HCSSA­-GSASC shall be called by HCSSA-­GSASC president shall be held no less than once every three months. Announcements shall be made to all members by e­mail. These regular meetings are open to any members of HCSSA­-GSASC.

The President shall preside over all business meetings of the HCSSA­-GSASC. In the absence of the President, Vice­-president shall preside.

Officers are required to attend HCSSA­-GSASC regular meetings. If any officer fail to attend meeting for two consecutive times without legitimate reasons, their officer positions are automatically withdrawn and vacancies may be filled in the future.

Article Eight: Interpretation Right

The interpretation right of this constitution is granted to the then­current officer board.

Article Nine: Amendments

At least four members (including no less than one HCSSA officer) are needed to propose constitutional amendments. Any proposed amendments shall be communicated to the President or the Vice­-president at least one week prior to the upcoming regular meeting in order to be included in the agenda. A three­-quarter majority of all votes is necessary to make any changes to this constitution. The Dudley House office shall be notified of any amendments made to this constitution.

February, 2019