Public Service


Public Service

is committed to serving all members of Harvard and broader communities. We collaborate with domestic and international non-profit organizations to introduce community service and charity opportunities to Harvard members. Our past events include the annual 5K charity run and PPE donation during the pandemic.

Public Service 致力于服务哈佛以及周边社区的所有成员。我们与国内外非营利组织合作,向哈佛成员介绍社区服务和慈善机会。我们过去的活动包括年度 5K 慈善长跑和疫情期间的防护用品捐赠活动。

2022-2023 Team

Co-chair 王子寒

Co-chair 孙忠鹏

Fellow 张煜尧

Fellow 俞昕熠

Fellow 姜丽桐

Member 陈毛婷

Member 戴欣玏