2017-18 Management Team Candidates

我是2015年入学的张茜,竞选今年的Alumni Relations & Career Development 的Co-Chair。上一个学年很开心在HCSSA这个大家庭里担任Publicity Co-chair职位,和小伙伴们一起参与和组织了各种各样的活动。今年很期望能在这个大集体里为继续大家服务:)
大家好! 我是GSAS的在读博士韩璧丞。我愿意帮助建立最成功完善的哈佛校友社区,帮助在校哈佛学生找到最好的工作出路。在校期间,我花两年时间建立了一个估值超过12亿人民币的公司,并且做到领域市场占有率第一,丰富的实战经验会保证我做到最好的校友社区。
Cathy Guo_Photo
“Hi everyone! My name is Cathy Guo and I am currently a Master in Public Policy Candidate with a focus on Business and Government Relations at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). It is my great pleasure to run for the Co-Chair for Alumni Relations & Career Development of HCSSA in the academic year of 2017-2018. I have various experience in organizing alumni and career development events in the past five years. From 2012-2014, I served on the Board of Directors for the Alumna Association of Douglass College (AADC) at Rutgers University. I had the opportunity to engage students with distinguished alumni from all walks of life and to help them acquire career support from diverse alumni groups. In my first year at HKS, I served as Interim Executive Vice President at the Kennedy School Student Government as well as Vice President of HKS China Society. As the Co-Chair for Alumni Relations and Career Development, I will work closely with our students and alumni to build mutually beneficial events, such as career talk, mentorship program, and professional workshop. I also aspire to establish an alumni network and database to connect all Harvard Chinese students and alumni around the globe. Thank you very much for your support!”​