Career Development


Career Development

is committed to supporting Chinese students and scholars with career development via seminars, job fairs, and entrepreneurship camps. By inviting outstanding alumni from various fields to share experiences and provide one-on-one career guidance, we strive to broaden career paths for Chinese students and scholars, deepen their understanding of various professions, and provide them with first-hand recruitment information.

Career Development 旨在帮助中国学生学者的职业发展。通过邀请各个行业的优秀校友进行经验分享以及一对一的职业指导,帮助中国学生学者拓宽行业选择,加深对各行业的了解,并为他们提供第一手的招聘信息。

2022-2023 Team

Co-chair 赵婉钧

Co-chair 丁逸伦

Fellow 刘高睿

Fellow 王上

Fellow 孟祥

Fellow 崔馨予

Member 杨介之

Member 杨箫潭

Member 周婧琳

Member 王韬博

Member 漆振霆