2017-18 Management Team Candidates

President Candidate:

Xian Gong, SEAS

I’m Xian Gong, a third year PhD student in Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS). I’m running for the president of Harvard Chinese Student and Scholars Association (HCSSA). During past three years, it has been my great pleasure to serve as the vice president, the co-chair of Social and Party and fellow of Sports team. My outstanding colleagues and I have worked together to organize several great social events and meetings. I was also involved in hosting and organizing welcome reception, Mid-autumn Gala, Ivy League Spring Festival Gala, Harvard summit for young leader in China, Harvard China Day, etc..I really enjoyed participating in and making contributions to the HCSSA organization which is a big family for our Chinese students and scholars and as well a platform that can make impact to the Greater Boston Chinese community.
I am convinced that all those precious experience has prepared me as a qualified candidate for president of HCSSA. More importantly, it will be my greatest honor to devote myself to serving Chinese students and scholars and extending the influence of us Chinese students in the Harvard community. I do believe that our team Yingzhuo Zhang (Vice President candidate), Chenguang Dai(Vice President candidate) and I will try our best to make HCSSA a more influential organization and provide every possible opportunities to let the Chinese community at Harvard University feel at home!
I sincerely hope that our team can continue to serve in HCSSA and your support for us will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Vice Presidents Candidates:

Yingzhuo(Diana) Zhang, SEAS

My name is Yingzhuo (Diana) Zhang, and I’m a first-year computer science PhD student at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. I’m running for vice president with Chenguang Dai and Xian Gong who is running for president.
I graduated from a two-year master’s program in computational science and engineering at Harvard before starting my PhD, during which I signed up and participated in many events hosted by HCSSA. I found many of the seminars helpful, and events like the New Year’s Gala makes me feel like I’m home again during the holidays. I really wanted to get more involved, so I jointed HCSSA as a co-chair in Sports for the past academic year. I took charge in organizing two basketball games, and a eSports competition at Harvard, including scheduling, team registration, sponsorship etc. I was also actively involved in major HCSSA events such as the New Year’s Gala and Dragon Boat race. I’ve also been an active volunteer in picking up new students every year.
To me HCSSA feels like a big family, and I’ve enjoyed working with everyone in this family. I want to stay in this team and organize more helpful and interesting events for the Chinese students and scholars’ community as well as the Harvard community. With my past experience, I’m ready to take my next step and devote more time and enthusiasm to HCSSA as vice president.

Chenguang Dai, GSAS

还记得一年级刚入学时加入了HCSSA,作为志愿者亲历了许多有趣的活动,租过设备,挂过大幕,收获颇丰。二年级时有幸成为Human Resources部门的co-chair,更多地参与到HCSSA的日常工作和活动中。活动之余,结识了不少好友,回忆满满,心生欢喜。
这次,我想尝试的是Vice President。我们的竞选团队包括贡献(President)和 Diana Zhang(Vice President)。 我在一个南方小城出生、成长,性格温和,人缘不错。过去两年在HCSSA的经历也锻炼了我的组织协调能力。下一学年,我希望可以和大家一起,做一些小事,尽一份心。

Secretary Candidate:

Zhirui Hu, GSAS

我叫胡志睿,是哈佛统计系PhD,去年在HCSSA担任Outing co-chair,组织了多次出游活动,其中包括夏攀树、秋赏叶、冬滑雪、春彩蛋,让大家在学习之余得到放松,也给大家交流的平台,深受大家好评。去年一年积累了很多经验教训,这次竞选秘书长,希望能把去年成功的案例和高效的工作流程得以推广,让更多的同学加入到HCSSA丰富的活动中来,让大家在活动中收获更多;同时我也能有机会在新的一年弥补之前的不足,有时间实现一些更加精彩的活动,继续为大家服务.

Treasurer Candidate:

Guannan Qu, SEAS

大家好!我是屈冠南,是哈佛大学SEAS G4的博士生,本次竞选的职务为HCSSA财务长。过去一年我在HCSSA主要负责一些BD相关的工作,对HCSSA财务事宜已经有了充分的了解。本次竞选财务长,我相信我能为HCSSA未来一年乃至更长期的发展提供稳健的财务支持,以更好地服务哈佛的中国学生学者团体。希望大家支持!

Alumni Relations and Career Development Co-Chair Candidates:

Xi Zhang, GSD

我是2015年入学的张茜,竞选今年的Alumni Relations & Career Development 的Co-Chair。上一个学年很开心在HCSSA这个大家庭里担任Public relation Co-chair职位,和小伙伴们一起参与和组织了各种各样的活动。今年很期望能在这个大集体里为继续大家服务:)

Bicheng Han, GSAS


Alumni Relations and Career Development Fellow Candidates:

Jian Kang, HSPH

Hi everyone! My name is Jane Kang from Beijing. I have worked as the vice president at the liaison department of the Student Union of Tsinghua University, where I got a total sponsorship of 132,000 RMB from multiple companies for school activities. I have also worked as the president of Student Association Union in RDFZ, where I held a party with more than 10 schools involved. I am thrilled by the opportunities to be helpful if I could be one of the fellows of Alumni Relations & Career Development department, and hence I am extremely eager to a member of HCSSA. Looking forward to meeting you guys this summer!”

Mengting Li
Mengting Li, HSPH

As the new admit of Harvard university, I would like to run for the fellow in alumni relations & career development. There are some advantages and good qualities that help me to play this role in HCSSA family if I am lucky enough to get this position.
First, Experience is essential and fortunately I had some. In my undergraduate school in my country, I attended many associations including student union and academic group, which is the invaluable treasure for me to improve myself and move me on. During that time, I organized and held several activities, so as to broaden my horizon and strengthen the ability to communicate with my group members. As the human resource is the important part in this society, I think that these capacities can better myself. Besides, gathering the alumni resource, I think, is to build up the connection, maximizing the efficiency and benefit. At the same time, my major focuses on that, data collection and statistic. Second, my personality make me work hard and be very patient, as the first-born daughter in my family. I get used to deal with emergency and troubles carefully.
Finally, I would like to sacrifice my time and energy for HCSSA. And I believe I can harvest something precious from it. I really wish that I can be one of the members in this organization.

Zehua Liu, HMS

I am Zehua Liu, a joint training PhD student in HMS-DBMI. I do well in organizing activities.

Business Development Co-chair Candidates:

Liuchuan Tong, GSAS

Liuchuan Tong I am running for Business Development Co-chair in HCSSA.
I am a 5th year Ph.D student in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. In past years, I have served as a volunteer in Alumni Relationship and Career Development, and have helped set up and organize several events in AR & CD. My interest shifted gradually to the business side of HCSSA operations. I believe there exist plenty of chances for collaborations between HCSSA and other companies/organizations so that to provide ample funding for better HCSSA operations without compromising our member experience and tradition. Therefore I would like to draw more sponsorship for CSSA and manage various assets that HCSSA owns but left unused now.
In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, hiking, playing badminton, and photography. I recently started trading US stocks and options.

Jialiang Wang, SEAS

我的名字叫王嘉良,是来自SEAS计算机系的G2博士。 我本次竞选的是business development团队co-chair 。我有着丰富的学生社团经验,本科在多伦多大学任职于各种中外社团。曾在梦想行动多伦多大学分会担任秘书长,多次组织慈善募捐活动,募捐和拉赞助所得用于中国贫困农村小学建设图书馆项目。我也亲自去湖南株洲火田镇中心小学建设过图书馆。曾在多伦多大学sustainable engineers association当过field trip director,负责联系加拿大当地环保企业,政府部门,博物馆等,每月组织一次环保主题的参观活动。参与者为来自世界各地的对环保感兴趣的多伦多大学学生。来到哈佛后,我曾经多次参与HCCSA的活动,dudley house的活动,加入了HCSSA的篮球队并在美东杯中代表HCSSA队出场,接机新生等等。我有出色的语言表达和交流能力,2016年获得哈佛Bok Center的teaching award (Q Score: 4.7),本科获得communication café 的领袖证书,本科毕业拿到engineering business certificate。相信我可以胜任HCSSA business development一职。

Human Resources Co-chairs Candidates:

Kun Zhang, GSD

我是来自设计学院第二年研究生的张坤,上一年以志愿者的身份加入并参与了HCSSA HR部门的工作,也曾在本科学校的学校学生会工作。HR部门作为联合会的总后勤部队,需要参与各项活动的人员分配募集工作。在接触并了解过HR部门的重要任务和存在价值后,成为这个部门的co-chair,我将会帮助HCSSA完成好各项活动,接替好去年优秀的学长学姐们的任务,和各个部门配合吸引更多优秀的新生,老生和校友成为联合会的一员。

Jiawei Zhou, GSAS


Outing Co-chair Candidates:

Tianying Zhao, GSAS

I’m Tianning Zhao, an incoming PhD student at GSAS. I’m running for the co-chair position in Outing Committee for the academic year 2017-2018. I knew about HCSSA when I was doing summer research at Harvard. Although I’m not super familiar with Boston area as those who lived here for long, I’m always willing to venture out and explore the world around me. I like snowboarding, sailing and running marathons with small group of friends. As for bigger trips, I helped organize dozens of classmates (or program members) to Japan, Yunnan Province, Russia and attractions around Beijing during my undergraduate study.
For the next year, what about working hard by yourself and playing harder with me?

Miao Liu
Miao Liu, HMS

大家好,我是2016届HCSSA outing部的刘淼,非常开心能在上界CSSA中认识了许多朋友,我本人也通过所办的活动得到了历练。今年我希望继续在outing组发挥自己的光和热。在2017年-18年这一界CSSA中,我打算要继续帮助outing组来举办出游活动。除了往年一贯的白山看红叶,摘苹果,女巫镇等等之外,还计划组织海港一日行,龙虾节观赏等等新的出游活动。我也可以对晚会,seminar等组给于支援,希望能为CSSA急需贡献,谢谢。

Outing Fellow Candidates:

Peilin  Li, GSD

我是李沛霖,即将就读于GSD的景观专业。 我性格开朗大方,喜欢与人交流,本科时曾在中国武警服役,有一定的户外经验,并多次组织各项活动。且因为专业的缘故喜欢宜人的风景和亲近自然的感觉,希望未来和大家一起共同学习,共同玩耍,共同寻找美丽的风景!

Yunlu Xue
Yunlu Xue, HMS

Hi folks, let’s do some outing this year together!

Public Relation Co-chair Candidates:

Luxi (Lucy) Liu

I’m a citizen of the world that has been long engaged in social media marketing. I am deeply influenced by the powers of social media, and have influenced millions of followers through managing multiple popular Weibo and Facebook accounts. I was a part of the PR team when I was an undergraduate student, and participated as a major member. I am also an experienced video editor and have produced many short videos for both academic and social media marketing purposes. Joining HCSSA would allow me to maximize my potentials and help promoting the voices and true thoughts from the Harvard community.

Public Relation Fellow Candidates:

Zhaodi Wang, GSD

我叫王兆迪,来自哈佛设计研究生院(GSD),接下来的三年将攻读Master of Landscape Architecture,希望可以成为HCSSA公共关系部门的成员。本科学生工作经历丰富,是学生会公关部成员,曾协助举办校园歌手大赛、新年文艺汇演,主持校园主持人大赛,负责新年汇演赞助工作。同时,作为学院官方学生微信号的记者,有丰富媒体运营经验,多次采访与撰写采访稿,阅读量将近5000。课余时间,我长期担任全球音乐组织sofarsounds北京分部的志愿者,负责每月歌手、场地接洽与海报、宣传材料设计,成功举办音乐会30余场,累计观众2000人以上。作为设计专业的学生,我熟练操作各种平面设计与视频剪辑软件,如ps、ai、cad、ae、finalcut、imovie、rhino等,有丰富的平面海报/ html 5设计经验。我非常乐意将我在哈佛三年的时光贡献在HCSSA,协助举办各类社交、学术与文化活动。

Peitong Chen, GSD


Siwen Ma, GSD

After working in HCSSA for two years, I built up a strong connection with this big family! I hope to contribute my enthusiasm in public events to HCSSA in the following academic year. Also, I will make fully use of my strengths in graphic editing and blog writing to help marketing our big events!

Public Service Co-chair Candidates:

Xiaoran Li Photo
Xiaoran Li, HMS

It is a great honor to run for the public service co-chair at Harvard CSSA. I am a compassion and responsible person, and I believe I am a good fit for this position. I had volunteered at many organizations when I was in college. The most rewarding experience was the opportunity volunteering at the Emergency Department at the University of Virginia’s Hospital. Not only did I expand my interest to pursue a career in medicine, but I also found true happiness as I was helping people. I was also involved in the running of Dream Corps, a non-profit organization aiming to facilitate reading in rural China. Starting as a team member, my compassion and hard work were well recognized by other fellows. I was elected as the fundraising chair, and later the president for the organization. During my time at Dream Corps, I implemented many annual events that are still ongoing even after my graduation. Furthermore, our chapter became one of the most influential Dream Corps chapters by sending the most summer volunteers to China nationwide. The impact was not limited to the Chinese population at the University. I was able to expand the impact to the whole community in Charlottesville, Virginia, as many American students also applied for volunteer positions in China. With great love in community services, I have continued volunteering at the Rosie’s Place in Boston after my graduation from college. With my deep interest in public service and my past leadership experience, I hope to enrich everyone’s experience at Harvard by engaging more people into public service and making more impacts on the community. I would like to devote my time serving as a co-chair for public service at Harvard CSSA.

Public Service Fellow Candidates:

Jiaxi Yang, GSAS

I am running for the public service fellow this year. Having studied at Harvard School of Public Health, I am passionate about community service and volunteer service to build a better, healthier community. Throughout past years, I have participles in various community activities and volunteering events, both in the States as well as in China. I joined 5k charity run organized by HCSSA last year and it was truely amazing as I saw how our big Harvard community is committed to making a better world by helping others. As a Harvard PhD student in population health sciences, I am running for the public service fellow, looking forward to bridging various resources and connecting people in our community to move forward our commitment in public service. Thanks.


大家好,我叫徐艾,来自公共卫生学院,目前在MGH做研究。之前我曾在Human Resource和Alumni Relations & Career Development部门,有一定策划和组织活动的经验。加入HCSSA已经两年了,非常开心能有机会和大家一起做活动。我对于公益活动很感兴趣,希望今年能够继续在HCSSA这个大家庭中,在Public Service部门为大家服务。

Helian  Feng, GSAS

大家好, 我是冯贺莲,来自四川成都。今年我从HSPH的Computational Biology master program 毕业,秋天准备进入GSAS Biostatistics PhD program。在哈佛度我过了两年幸福的时光,接受了不少HCSSA的“普照”,结识了很多妙趣横生的小伙伴。如果说有什么遗憾,那就是感觉自己从大家庭中汲取太多,付出太少。因此希望今年能加入大家庭,多多为大家做贡献。

Seminar Co-chair Candidates:

Yuelin, GSAS

I have been serving in HCSSA as a Seminar co-Chair for several years. Focusing on the social and cultural issues in today’s China, we try to create a platform, characteristic of its critical spirit, for academic and intellectual exchanges between students and scholars in and outside the Harvard community. It is my belief that in the environment of an elite institution of education, the Seminar Committee has its special mission in HCSSA. It is a great pleasure to see that our seminars have been well received and our committee has made its contribution to building up a good reputation of HCSSA. Personally, I am always inspired by the audience attending the seminars; it is their enthusiasm and appreciation that have encouraged me to be willing to continue my service.
P.S. It has been a tradition of HCSSA that every year at the Chinese National Day celebration, the audience and all the performers will sing together the song “Our Motherland”. Being gratefully honored, I have been the conductor. (Please see the video link posted by HCSSA.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKzryjGTak0

Xiaoming(Tim) Hu, HMS

这次参加竞选Seminar Co-chair,是为了有机会和更多的逗比青年们一起搞更多场超级无聊的讲座,我们觉得:
请您瞄准“给Hu Xiaoming(Tim)投票”这个按钮,用力戳下去。谢谢您的支持!
In the battle of science, you represent the forefront of humanity’s knowledge and creativity, and I seek to serve your needs by hosting seminars that are entertaining, enriching, even provocative and controversial sometimes. This is so that you will love, you will learn and you will get inspired by these seminars.
In the past few months in Harvard, I have already hosted many seminars in the area of entrepreneurship, law, medicine, health and general welfare. They have attracted hundreds to thousands of audiences from Harvard, from all over the world and from all walks of life. The events I hosted have also been reported by major newspapers and other media, and was well-received by the public. For these seminars, I have been in charge of nearly all aspects, including planning, publicity, liaison, sponsorship, venues, logistics, refreshments and even serve as the moderator and interpreter. Making these possible have been a demanding journey, but was an extremely enriching experience!
During my own journey fighting the battle of science, I studied in all major economies of the world, including China, ASEAN, Europe Union and America. There is one thing in common among all the things I did and I loved: friendship is above all. I wish to run for the co-chair of seminars group. Let us become good friends and let us enjoy a wonderful year of seminars in Harvard. Please kindly vote for me: Xiaoming(Tim) Hu.

Airong Li_3
Airong Li, HMS


Seminar Fellow Candidates:

Jianshuang Li, GSD

Jianshuang LI

I would like to apply for fellow of Seminar. During undergraduate study, I had experience of organizing student competitions. I worked as the main organizer for the award party of the competition. As a designer, I have experience of poster design and booklet design, which I believe will be useful for the seminars. The seminars will be an opportunity for me. I am interested in meeting people and share opinions. I would love to bring and share this joy with other people.

Social & Party Co-chair Candidates:

Yuan Dai, HLS

大家好!我是戴远,哈佛法学院的二年级博士生。我希望能担任Social and Party部的Co-chair。
我的工作目标是协调哈佛各个院系之间的男女比例,争取做到让妹子找到心仪的汉子,让汉子找到心仪的妹子,让妹子找到心仪的妹子,以及让汉子找到心仪的汉子。我的竞选口号是“男有分,女有归”–有了HCSSA举办的各种丰富的社交活动,寂寞不再无可避免, 欢笑和友情将照亮你在剑桥的漫漫长夜。
Hello everyone!
This is Yuan Dai, a rising 2L student at Harvard Law School! I am campaigning for the co-chair of Social and Party Department.
My goal is to help HCSSA organize a series of cross-department parties and social outings and provide chances for HCSSA members to get to know each other, make new friends, and find their soulmates/ BFFs. With all those fun activities, you no longer need to spend your time alone, since you will be surrounded by new friends!
I have much experience working as an event organizer. I have worked as an event organizer both in college and graduate school—even in the University College Dublin, where I did a one-year exchange. Having organized all kinds of events, from international conference, campus debate, to social outings, I have acquired all the necessary skills as an event organizer.
Please vote for me! I will lead the Social and Party Department to provide wonderful service for all HCSSA members!

Jiaheng Shen, GSA


Social & Party Fellow Candidates:

Yichun Jin, GSAS

My name is Yichu Jin, an incoming PhD student at GSAS. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in May 2017 with a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics and a master in Mechanical Engineering. I wish to become a part of the HCSSA family and to run for the Social & Party Fellow position. I believe I am a good fit for this position due to my relevant event organizing experience and my eagerness to serve. As the vice president of CMU’s Chinese Student Association, I worked with a team of seven to plan and execute eight events for the Chinese community. From Freshman Welcome Dinner to Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering to White Water Rafting Trip, these events taught me how to work in teams and how to plan successful social events. My event organizing skills were further sharpened when I served as the president of Pi Tau Sigma, a national honor society. To create a relaxed professional networking atmosphere, I organized two “Breakfast with Recruiters” events during the campus career fairs with over 30 companies and 150 students in attendance. I truly enjoyed these experience as I got a chance to create positive effects for the Chinese community and for the whole student body. When I am at Harvard, I wish to continue serving and making positive changes and I believe being a Social & Party Fellow is the best way to achieve that. My vision for the Social & Party committee is that it is a group that serves all Chinese students and scholars by uniting them via various social events. A Fellow in this committee helps the executive board to carry out this vision. Based on the qualities mentioned above, I believe I could serve as a competent Fellow.

Jiatong Fan, HGSE

大家好,我是来自江苏南京的范珈彤。今年22岁,之前在中国人民大学读的本科,即将前往哈佛大学教育学院念硕士专业。因为喜欢文体活动,小时候学习民族舞,随后高中学习爵士街舞,大学里是本科院校的啦啦队核心成员之一。同时也承担举办过不少文体活动,班级聚会、文化艺术节、广播艺术节等等,无论是院系的小型文艺社交活动,还是大型的校际活动,都有过组织承办的经验。这次申请social&party(fellow)这个位置,因为我第一次留美,所以需要学习的地方还有很多,所以选择了fellow而不是co-chair这个职位,最主要的目的是在举办活动的同时结识更多的小伙伴。Perhaps I am not the only choice, but an worth-considering one at least:)

Sports Co-chair Candidates:

Hong Hu, SEAS

I am Hong Hu, a G3 PhD from SEAS. I am a sports fan. Last year, together with other Sports members, we organized events like basketball tournament and cyber games tournament. This year I hope to be back and continue to contribute to our Chinese sports community.

Wei Chen, SEAS


Sports Fellow Candidates:

Letian Zhang, GSAS

I wanna get more involved with organizing sports activities for students on campus.

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